About Me

In 2012, Patrick Byrne’s pro-freedom approach pushed Overstock.com to become the first company of more than $1 million annual revenue to accept Bitcoin as payment.

Byrne soon developed a strong familiarity with this unique digital currency and the blockchain tech that powered it, and utilized this newfound knowledge to launch Medici Ventures. An Overstock.com subsidiary at the time, Byrne capitalized on Medici’s security trading capability in 2015 to become the first-ever individual to buy a digital bond on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Byrne again broke new ground again in 2016, when Overstock.com became the first to issue shares of a public company on an ATS (alternative trading system).

Byrne completed his tenure at Overstock.com in 2019, following more than two decades of achievement.

Patrick Byrne is a self-described “classical liberal,” a firm believer that national success hinges on market freedom and education.

Following the passing of noted economist Milton Friedman in 2006, Byrne took on the role of chairman at the Friedman Foundation for School Choice (now known as “EdChoice”), which continues to spearhead the school choice movement across the U.S.

Before building a successful career in business and corporate leadership, Patrick Byrne received his formal education at several notable institutions, including:

Stanford University. Byrne earned his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree at Stanford in 1996.

University of Cambridge. Byrne completed graduate school and received his Master’s degree in Philosophy in 1989.

Dartmouth College. Byrne finished his undergraduate career at Dartmouth, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian studies and Philosophy in 1985.


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